Would you sacrifice your Facebook friends for a Whopper?

Some of you are old enough to remember Burger King’s Where’s the Beef commercial from the 1980s. The commercial features three old ladies looking at an exaggeratedly large hamburger bun with a tiny hockey puck of a hamburger. Famously crabby Clara Peller, exclaims “Where is the Beef?” Now, the Web 2.0 folks are asking ‘where is my beef ‘ after they lose 10 friends on Facebook.

Burger King has released a Facebook application where you can earn a free Whopper for booting your friends out of your network. Think of it as Facebook Spring Cleaning. Honestly, are you really friends with ALL those strangers? Participants can earn a free Whopper burger for every 10 friends deleted. Each time a friend is excommunicated, the application will send notification to the hapless party via Facebook’s news feed. Facebook will explain that the user’s love for the unlucky friend is less than his or her love for the Whopper.

On the Web site Whopper Sacrifice Burger King keeps a tally of “friends” who have been sacrificed for the signature sandwich. If you have been excommunicated, fear not, you can communicate your displeasure by sending that person an Angry-Gram.








Now, don’t think you can do this nasty bit of evil alone one night and not be noticed by those mistreated friends. After you ax a friend, a message will show up on the activity feed of your Facebook profile telling others that you have sacrificed a friend for a free Whopper. Even the friends you didn’t ax will know! With the application, there’s no secret excommunication. You won’t be able to claim to be a vegetarian and dump friends on the sly while you claim your free burger. The promotion is also limited to one coupon per account.