Training is still a business value in tough times

Recent research from Microsoft Corporation and the SANS Institute highlight the importance of training to individuals as well as organizations. The most interesting conversation is non-tangible benefits of training. The positive experience of learning new things and sharing with co-workers really provide valuable to a company. A couple highlights include:

  • Improved team productivity. Studies show that for each new individual trained and certified, team performance increases–every time.
  • Reduced downtime. Forty percent of operational downtime is due to a significant lack of training on core systems.
  • Increased employee satisfaction and loyalty. Forty-three percent of hiring managers say that investing in employee development reduces turnover, probably because employees have increased job satisfaction and feelings of increased engagement.

In the information security field, technology and threats improve every day. We read the news stories about malware, phishing attempts, data loss, and break-ins to our nation defense networks every day. In these fast changing times, good training and an opportunity to focus on a particular issue or technology is invaluable.

Alan Paller at the SANS Institute has written a few pointers about the value of information security training at the SANS Institute

  • Our courses are tuned to the exact needs of your job, and they are kept up to the minute with methods of fighting the latest threats.
  • These courses are more practical. You can put the material to work immediately upon returning to the office. That’s one big reason the courses are so valuable to your employers.
  • Courses that provide ample hands-on exercises to help you actually master the material, not just hear about it.
  • SANS courses are taught by the experts who shape the security field.
  • SANS programs give you multiple opportunities to build a peer network with other security professionals with your interests.
  • Every SANS instructor has won a nationwide competition that searches for the highest-rated teacher in that particular field. Once you have learned from one of SANS’ great instructors, you’ll find it really hard to sit through (much less to learn from) a course taught by anyone else.

Bad times don’t last forever. Come and meet the Enclave folks at the next SANS event:

Jason Fossen will be teaching the latest security enhancement in Windows 2008

David Hoelzer will be teaching auditors and system administrators the advanced technical tools for auditing systems

James Tarala will be teaching new auditors, career changes, and IT pros the building blocks of system auditing.

If you are interesting in learning more about the IDC and Microsoft whitepaper on training and certification,

check out this link: