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Enclave Security partners with their clients to provide a number of cybersecurity related service. Some of the most popular services include:

Cybersecurity Risk Assessments

Working with organizations to assess their cybersecurity risk and provide specific, practical, and prioritized recommendations based on cyber-hygiene principles that actually stop attacks.

Cybersecurity Advisory Services

Working with organizations to solve specific cybersecurity technical and governance challenges which help our clients to achieve their overall business goals.

Privacy Risk Assessments

Working with organizations to assess their privacy risk in order to proactively protect the privacy of the data entrusted to them and to help organizations ensure compliance with relevant standards and laws.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessments

Cybersecurity assessments are the most common project that Enclave is asked to perform with their clients. These assessments focus on in-depth technical reviews of an organizations information systems, as well as the governance controls in place to ensure effective and repeatable controls. These assessments are not simply paperwork exercises, but rather are performed by cybersecurity practitioners who understand the risks of specific systems. Common cybersecurity standards are used as the foundation of these assessments, but the results of these assessments are specific, actionable recommendations and industry benchmarks to help organizations address their cybersecurity risk.

Cybersecurity Advisory Services

Every organization has their own specific cybersecurity challenges that they face. Often organizations face technical challenges, cybersecurity strategy questions, or simply are looking for assistance with a specific cybersecurity task. Enclave regularly provides advisory services to help organizations solve those challenges. Clients often rely on Enclave to advise them on how to most effectively solve the challenges facing them based on Enclave’s years of experience working with clients from a broad range of industries.

Privacy Risk Assessments

In addition to cybersecurity risk assessments, Enclave also regularly performs privacy risk assessments to help organizations understand if they are doing what is necessary to effectively keep the sensitive information entrusted to them private. As with cybersecurity risk assessments, Enclave partners with their clients to evaluate their appropriate privacy controls are in place to meet the organization’s goals and to ensure that they are in compliance with all appropriate privacy laws, regulations, and standards. Especially knowing that this is an evolving field, Enclave works with their customers to ensure that organizations are considering the most up to date issues when evaluating their programs.

Cybersecurity & Privacy Education

Cybersecurity and privacy are constantly evolving fields of study. Every year there are new topics and issues that organizations should consider in order to ensure that their cybersecurity and privacy programs are effectively enabling the organization to meet their business goals. Therefore, Enclave regularly provides educational services to its clients to empower them to achieve their goals. Enclave has developed specific courseware that is offered through the SANS Institute to organizations around the world. In addition, Enclave provides tailored presentations to executive leadership and technology teams on unique topics – often as a part of one of the other cybersecurity services listed here.

Cybersecurity Technology Implementation Support

Considering the technical and ever-changing nature of cybersecurity, organizations often discover that it is difficult and time consuming to stay current with the latest cybersecurity tools and techniques necessary for effective defense. As a result, Enclave regularly assists their clients with specific technical architectures, technical control implementations, and project management support of their cybersecurity tools. Because of Enclave’s experience, we regularly partner with our clients to provide hands-on support for technical projects to help ensure that organizations are getting the most from their technology investments.

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