SANS CISA Exam Review Course Discount

So it’s that time of year again, we begin to hope that the winter months are behind us, the trees and flowers are starting to bloom (at least in Florida where I live), but most importantly – people are beginning to think about taking the CISA exam from ISACA in order to promote their audit careers!

So many of you are thinking, yes James, that’s right, I was thinking about that. Of course you were. That’s why twice a year, right before each of the CISA exams, we hold a CISA review class via our online vLive delivery system to help people prepare to pass the exam. Click here to learn more

The class itself doesn’t start until April, but it’s a good idea to sign up now to start preparing early. In fact, SANS has told me for people that are signing up early, and pay attention to our blogs, that they’ll give an additional discount. If you sign up this week with the discount code IN423 you’ll end up saving a little over $1000 off the retail price of the class.

So sign up now. Send me a note on twitter (@jamestarala or @isaudit) if you have any questions and I can’t want to meet you in class soon!