New SANS Audit Course (407) Live

The rumors are true, there is a new SANS audit class on the SANS courseware bookshelf. The course is Audit 407 – Foundations of Information Systems Audit. It’s a prequel to the SANS Audit 507 course and is meant to prepare auditors with the baseline of knowledge necessary to take them from being just a security professional to being an effective IS auditor.

The first offering of the class will be in Orlando, leading up to the 4th of July weekend. And, since it’s the first class, you’ll be able to take it at 50% off the SANS list price. This is a big deal, six days of SANS training for 50% off. I promise this course will never be offered for this price again, so take advantage of it. Here’s a link if you’re interested in attending – .

The bottom line is that being an auditor is more than just knowing technical skills. Don’t get me wrong, you’re going to be a horrible auditor without them, but you have to be able to interface with business owners and understand IS governance as well. This course is meant to give you a combination of both. Too many courses focus too much on one and not the other. We think you need both to be successful.

Registrations for the first offering of the course in July are going to be limited, so if you want it now, sign up soon. But it will be available the second half of the year as well. I hope to see you there.