Free Information Security Awareness Training from InfraGard

InfraGard Awareness is a FREE information security awareness course that can help individuals and small business owners understand how make their workplace more secure. It will also teach vital skills to protect yourself and your family from cybercrime and identity theft. This course is free to all individuals and small businesses under 50 employees. 

Many news articles and studies have identified employees and other insiders as the cause of the majority of data and security breaches and better security awareness and training is central to reducing these incidents. The web-based course, created by The Center for Information Security Awareness, is professionally narrated, and it consists of 14 separate lessons covering key information security issues that can impact the workplace;

·         Cyber threats to the workplace and the nation

·         understanding how employee behavior is exploited

·         The importance of regulatory compliance

·         better workplace security

·         Effective password practices

·         understanding social engineering

·         Improved email practices

·         Safer web surfing practices

·         protection of sensitive data

·         Laptop, PDA and mobile security

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 For those who are not familiar with InfraGard, it is a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) program focusing on information sharing and analysis with a wide range of members. At its most basic level, InfraGard is a partnership between the FBI and the private sector. InfraGard is an association of businesses, academic institutions, state and local law enforcement agencies that began in the Cleveland Field Office in 1996. The program expanded to other FBI Field Offices, and in 1998 the FBI assigned national program responsibility for InfraGard to the former National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC) and to the Cyber Division. InfraGard Chapters are geographically linked with FBI Field Office territories. Each InfraGard Chapter has an FBI Special Agent Coordinator assigned to it, and the FBI Coordinator works closely with Supervisory Special Agent Program Managers in the Cyber Division at FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

If you are interesting in joining InfraGard, here is a link to an application: