Cyber Security Social Contract from the Internet Security Alliance

If you are an Info Sec professional and you are not familiar with the Internet Security Alliance (ISA), you need to check them out. These are fresh observations on how to begin to fix the current state of cyber insecurity.This non profit trade organization is a collaboration between the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA), and Carnegie Mellon University’s CyLab. This association voices interests from Defense & Aerospace, Banking & Financial, Entertainment, Telecommunications, Food Service, and Manufacturing industries.ISA has drafted a cyber security social contract for the new Presidential Administration.What does that mean?Social contracts are the glue for modern societies, the means towards an end ? the benefit of all. Social contracts originated in Europe and were progressive works that helped inspire political reforms or revolutions.So, what does this have to do with cybersecurity? Cybersecurity ain’t workin’!Our private and government networks have been deeply compromised for years, and this country is bleeding intellectual property, national security secrets, and money. We need a group effort to fix what ails our critical infrastructure. And, I do mean critical infrastructure. According to ISA,

“More than $3 trillion dollars (a quarter of our nation’s economic value) moves through the network every day. Virtually every element of out nation’s activity including defense, finance, communications, energy, manufacturing etc. is now reliant on these electronic systems.”

The United States government cannot fix cyber security problems alone. We need a social contract between the government, its citizens, and private industry for the benefit of all citizens today and in the future.For more information about ISA and their Cyber Security Social Contract, check out:

Internet Security Alliance