Research is an Enclave Security resource website dedicated to hosting the information security resources we provide to the community. This is where Enclave posts presentations, whitepapers, security tools, and other resources. It is also the home of community projects such as the Open Threat Taxonomy that is curated by Enclave Security. Here visitors will find free resources for all to enjoy and premium resources for customers looking to solve specific information security challenges.

Since 2001 the staff at Enclave Security have been involved as senior instructors, analysts, and courseware authors at the SANS Institute, the premier international information security research and training company. Monthly you will find Enclave personnel participating in conferences, summits, webcasts, and other events with the SANS Institute. The SANS Institute offers both commercial training and a number of free information security resources to private sector Fortune 500 companies as well as government entities both foreign and domestic.

The Center for Internet Security is an international research group dedicated to developing best practices in cyber security; delivering world-class security solutions to prevent and rapidly respond to cyber incidents; and building and leading communities to enable an environment of trust in cyberspace. Enclave personnel are involved in many CIS projects but are most involved in the CIS Critical Security Controls project, where a number of Enclave Security personnel have served as technical editors and contributors to the project since its beginning in 2008.

The Collective Risk Project is a community driven project dedicated to maintaining simple, practical resources that the community can use to manage cybersecurity risks. Cybersecurity risk has long been a vague, academic discussion that has been managed ineffectively by most organizations. The goal of this project has been to provide the cybersecurity community with resources, such as a common risk model, threat taxonomy, and prioritized control library that they can use to focus their defense. Enclave Security personnel are some of the core founders of this project since its inception.

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