Behavioral Experts to Audit Super Bowl Revelers

Auditing can involve examining the appropriateness or safety of something. For example, during a home energy audit, your energy usage habits are evaluted against a list of criteria designed to cut energy usage. What about evaluating a person’s behavior against a predetermined set of criteria? Is that person acting within predetermined perimeters? What if they are not?Agencies charged with maintaining physical security at Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa Bay, Florida have decided to try a behavioral watching technique that audits for “telltale signs of people about to engage in wrongdoing.” The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has trained Tampa Bay officers as behavioral experts. These behaviors may be mundane like profuse sweating, yelling, or acting stubborn. Profuse sweating IS mundane in Florida. 🙂 The behaviors may be innocent, but when compare with other behaviors they could indicate trouble. The behaviors are evaluated against a point system that is based on an Israeli security system. Officers will be in the crowd of football lovers evaluating fan behavior, and then may choose to approach a person for a chat. This could determine whether there really is a need for concern.The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has trained local Tampa Bay officers as behavioral experts. TSA Behavior Detection Officers or “BDOs” are officers that are stationed at security checkpoints to observe passengers behavior. They watch for profuse sweating, confusion, and overly nervous or agitated passengers. According to a CNN report on April 1, 2008, Behavior Detection Officers successfully identified a passenger at Orlando International Airport, who was acting suspiciously near a ticket counter. Other passengers told CNN “He looked rather crazy. He was rocking left and right and up and down.”  After flagging the man for additional screening at the checkpoint, luggage x-ray detector workers discovered pipe bomb-making materials inside his bag. Just be careful and don’t put your feet on the back of the chair in front of you.